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Five Nightstands

A couple of months ago I was flipping through one of the many booklets you pick up in Belfast’s coffee shops and saw that Avenue Q was coming to Belfast. Most of my friends weren’t fussed but managed to get two interested parties to come with me last night.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s an American musical which is broadly based on the concept of Sesame Street. But rather than singing songs about friendship and how to count, they sing songs about racism and porn.

Fun for all the family.

I’d seen a couple of the songs on YouTube but didn’t know much about the story itself. And it ended up being great fun- it essentially from the get-go sets itself up against Sesame Street: having been brought up being told “You’re special!” and “You can change the world!”, the show is about being¬† in your twenties and realising life is crapper than you’d been led to believe.

The puppeteers are on-stage and pretty visible, so there’s a degree of having to suspend belief more than I thought there would be, but it kind of adds to the whole vibe of the show. The laughs are a-plenty and often at the expense of others, but it’s done in a warm way and challenges some modern day ideas about what being Politically Correct actually means.

It’s around for a couple of nights so go see it if you can, or I’d advise you to catch it some other time if it’s doing its rounds again.



And the winner is…

I’ll blog about the Christmas dinner shortly. The best Christmas cracker joke we had this year?

Q. What did Cinderella say to the chemist when her photos hadn’t been developed yet?

A. Someday my prints will come.

Comedy gold ladies and gentlemen