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The one with all the questions

So I did something fun last week. Our local does regular po-culture-themed pub quizzes, in the past running ones on Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Last week, my time came.

A Friends-themed pub quiz.


We assembled our team, we booked our table, we did our practice on QuizUp, and in the case of one of my friends, we (she) made four pages of notes. Front and back.

We were ready.

There ended up being about forty teams in all- it was pretty flipping popular. Some of the questions were incredibly niche: asking you for the name of the crazy girl who thinks that Joey really is Dr Drake Ramore, for the names of the women on Ross’ laminated list of women-he’s-allowed-to-sleep-with, the name of Emma’s manny, or the typo on the resumés that Rachel sends out. While we didn’t get full marks on these things, we did a bloody good job and it was down to our severe amount of PREPARATION.

Go team.

There were also spot prizes in the middle of the rounds where you had to write your answer and run up to the front. We were seated upstairs and at the back, so never quite made it to the front in time, however I still got really into it while running. Apparently at one point I elbowed some guy out of the way as we collided while sprinting to the caller. I have no recollection of this; I was in the zone.

It ended up being quite long as it turns out it takes ages to mark the answers for so many people. But at the end of the whole thing we were very pleased to find out that we came third! Which I was extremely proud of because flip me some of those questions were nigh impossible.

We were Judy, and we Looked Alive.




So Friday was an interesting day. Driving to work, the cars in front of me suddenly stopped. I figured there must have been an accident, so I got out of my car with a fair sense of trepidation over the possibility of being expected to do something about it. It turned out that a car had veered off the road and fallen into a ditch, with two passengers trapped inside. And so I kinda crapped myself.

Thankfully they were both conscious and seemingly not seriously injured, and I’ll tell you now that when I last saw them heading off in the ambulances towards the hospital (about 5 minutes from the site), they were looking well. So luckily it ended well! But walking up I was pretty anxious.

As other drivers and myself approached the car, someone asked if anyone was a trained first-aider. I replied with the somewhat terrifying sentence of “I’m a doctor”, and gently moved some other guy out of the way to get an idea of how the two men inside were doing. I later realised that this random person is in fact a consultant in my hospital. Awkward. Thankfully a consultant anaesthetist also appeared on the scene shortly after I did and the pressure certainly decreased.

The whole thing was quite a feat on the behalf of the emergency services. I was impressed with the communication between the different team members and how they managed to overcome the various obstacles that a sidewards car in the rain down a ditch with trees and a slowly rising water level presents.

For me, it posed a problem in the sense that my clothes were soon absolutely covered in mud. My brown shoes were black and I was in absolutely no fit state to walk into a building with sick people unable to fight off infections. So I took off my shoes, stole 5p off a stranger to buy a plastic bag to put em in and dandered on round to theatres to find a pair of scrubs. Which was a perfect time to walk past my educational supervisor as I realised that my socks were even more mismatched than ever before.

I obviously ended up being late for work and spent the rest of the day frantically trying to catch up, but I figured it was a decent excuse! And as my first “is there a doctor on board” experience it certainly didn’t disappoint in the realms of anxiety and fear. Fingers crossed that’ll also be something that comes with time


You want a piece of me?

Not really posting a huge amount these days- now that I’m in the world of work I don’t know what really to write! I feel like my hands are tied by the old oaths of confidentiality and the line in the sand that I’ve drawn is pretty strict with regards to what I talk about outside the hospital. Some people I know are happy to discuss things that have happened so long as they don’t give any identifiable information away, but I generally prefer to not talk about stuff at all. Especially not on the internet obviously.

But I am enjoying work. I’m coming to the end of my time on my current ward; as of Tuesday I’ll be moving up to an endocrine/haematology ward where I’ll be for the next two months. I think it should be good up there, but I have enjoyed getting to know the people I’ve been working with these past two months, and very much feel like part of the team. So leaving will be a shame.

Less fun parts of the job are the weekend shifts. I was on last weekend and am on again this Saturday. On a busy weekday, you can be running about a fair bit on my ward seeing to the jobs. On the weekend there are just as many admissions so it doesn’t get any less busy, but there are four other wards that you’re expected to be on. Which makes things interesting. Saturdays are pretty grim and me being me I kind of end up beating myself up a bit due to having to let people down. You physically can’t be in several places at once, but several people will simultaneously have extremely valid reasons to ask you to come and see them, and quickly. I’m trying to develop tactics and stratagems (not like me at all eh?) to maximise efficiency, but inevitably you have to say to people that you’re just gonna have to not help them out in any sort of prompt fashion. And that’s a very annoying feeling.

In other news next week is the BAKE OFF FINAL. Dun dun dunnnn. This is the first series I’ve actually followed and it’s a pretty great show. Obviously, me being me, I love all things food-related and so GBBO is just my main thing. A few of my friends were thinking of having a Bake Off bake off next week to celebrate the final, although a bunch of us are actually busy on the night of the final so we’re gonna do it on the Thursday instead and will have to try to avoid hearing who won. Maybe I’ll bring a gun to work.

Might help with the problem of too many people wanting to speak to me