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Hear Me Roar

Like several other million people in the world, I’ve been hungrily watching the last 8 episodes in the new series of Game of Thrones. I’ve read all the books over the past two years or so, and since moving back to NI have been having a right royal binge through the previous episodes, in order to get myself up-to-date to watch the most recent series alongside my friends.

I’ve really enjoyed this series in particular: the show has now reached a point where there are significant deviations in story lines from the books, so I’m left not at all knowing what’s going to happen next. The books also have the drawback of having to sit through the endless whining of characters that you don’t like- whereas on the show they’re on-screen for like six minutes top and then you move on and don’t have to endure the half hour it takes to read through them moaning about their mummy/daddy/daughter/sister issues.

The series also provides great opportunities to geek out. Last year my housemates got a Game of Thrones board game for their birthdays, and we had a pretty brutal session which involved the perfect amount of attacking each other, stabbing people in the back, and generally kicking each other in the crotch when we were down. Always fun.

Geeking out also has its rewards: a group of us went to a Game of Thrones pub quiz last week. And it’s no underestimate when I say that we bloody well tanked it. Not only did we come first, but we also won the speed round (winning £45 for our team) and didn’t get a single question wrong the whole night. I mean, they were kinda piss-easy, but that didn’t stop sitting on the Iron Throne they had made at the end of the night any less sweet.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Ain’t no white walkers here