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omg I forgot to say


Like a 12 hour shift; don’t finish until 9pm.



Doctor doctor

So I’ve finished the first two weeks of the rest of my life! No more student days for this one. (The lazy person inside of me is crying)

Before starting, because I didn’t train in Norn Iron, the hospital I’ll be working in asked me to show up a bit earlier to shadow the outgoing junior doctors and get used to the hospital system in a different part of the UK. It’s mostly been induction-type things and seminars, but it’s actually proven quite useful to get oriented to the different ways things work. Hopefully now, I shouldn’t have too much trouble in the middle of the night finding the button that says “Please don’t let this patient die”

The hospital is a really friendly place, and all the outgoing juniors seem to think I’ll definitely enjoy my year which is obviously a good sign. I’m in two minds as to how I feel about starting.

Optimistic me:

“Awk I’m sure it’ll be fine. Other people have survived and gotten through it, so I’m sure I will. People expect you to be rubbish so it won’t be too bad”

Pessimistic me:

“People can die. It can be my fault for not being good enough. Staff will expect me to be rubbish but DISEASE FLIPPING WELL WON’T CARE”

At the minute I’m leaning more towards the former¬†thank God. But expect rapid cycling between the two. The current guys finish on Tuesday lunchtime (the cheeky buggers are going go karting and leaving us to fend for ourselves), so the official “first day” is either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday, whichever you wanna call. I’m currently sitting with my rota for the whole year trying to work out when I want to take my annual leave and how best to avoid being a prat to other people by dropping them in it at busy times. The time to miraculously become an organisational wizard is now. I will of course settle for becoming a wizard.

Man I’d love to be a wizard