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Sat outside in the sun this morning for a while, nominally reading a book but in reality working on my sunburn. I love the change of seasons, with the things you’d forgotten about in the past year; today it was the feeling of a hot forehead when you’ve been out for too long, and the smells of barbecues and flowers. Fingers crossed for the tan lines!

I really ought to convert this into a food blog: I’m heading to a friend’s house shortly for a Sunday roast, then later Millbag is having a few people round to make the cookie mix she got for Christmas. Yesterday I visited Bananemesis and we made some cakes, then in the evening Swoon and Yum and I went for dumplings. I can’t wait until I have an income and all of these don’t come with pangs of guilt. Although I suppose by that point my metabolism might have caught up with me, so it’ll be a different kind of guilt.

Had two exams on Friday- one a mock and the other a prescribing exam that we just have to pass. They weren’t too bad, it’s comforting that I do know stuff as I come to the end of my degree. But similarly there was plenty for me to still learn, so that was useful for me to see too. Rather than work however, this weekend I’ve been sorting out stuff for going back home to NI: we were presented with an excel document (here if you’re really keen) of the 238 jobs we have to rank in order from 1 to 238. Great.

I’ve been going through it colour-coding, cutting/pasting and of course cursing- I get easily bored at these things. The problem is that I’m trying to weigh up a few different things in making my decisions, and so as a result the rotations I want don’t often look anything like each other! Some of my factors:

  • Desire to do specific jobs (oncology, A&E)
  • Desire to specifically not do other jobs (obs & gynae, paeds, psych, GP)
  • Want to be out of Belfast for first year, and in Belfast for second year
  • Living with my friends (preferably first year) would be great fun
  • I’d like to minimise moving between hospitals as much as possible

The problem is, there isn’t really any specific rotation that ticks every single one of my boxes, it’s about picking the ones that tick 5 out of 6, and deciding between millions of shades of grey. But at the end of the day, I’m kinda just delighted to actually have a job!

In other news, I’ve been listening to Pharrell Williams’ new album. It’s entitled GIRL, supposedly to take a stand against some of the chauvinist connotations of him singing in Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines. Saw a bit from him the other day saying he wanted to be on the side of women when (as Beyonce says) they run the world. Wasn’t sure if it was a genuinely good message or a move instigated by some PR guru, but it’s a decent album with some good tunes.

Anyway, best hop on the old bike and get some roast dinner in me. Hope your days are just as sunny!