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Is this thing still on?

Now that it’s 2018, I’ve found myself and my friends realising that “it was ten years ago that we..”

I’m nearly a decade out of school, and it’s almost been ten years since I started university. A few of my friends have been saying that they can’t believe this, that time’s flying by etc. But for me it really does feel like ten years ago. When I look back to the person I was in school that genuinely feels like a lot of time between then and now.

People had always warned me about time going quickly, and I remember hearing that time speeds up as you get older: when you’re 4, a year is a quarter of your entire life. At twenty, proportionally a year is a fifth of that size. So years ago I started trying to keep an eye on time passing, to ensure I wasn’t letting life pass me by. One of the tools I used for this was blogging. Back in the days of LiveJournal, my friend Poor Little Rich Boy referred to using a blog as an “Anchor in Time”. And I think it helped: I charted some major events in my life, I was able to spend a moment and in writing things down, take stock. A month felt like a month, and a year a year. Now, a decade feels like a decade.

Scrolling down on this page, there are significant gaps in between blog entries in recent times. Partly as a result of not blogging, to me it feels as if life is speeding up a bit. So I’m hoping to try and blog a bit more regularly. To help keep stock, and because it was always something I enjoyed doing, and something I liked being able to look back on (although looking back at blogs from being 18 admittedly is a little bit painful).

Other objectives include dealing with my friends being in multiple places. Thankfully I don’t have too many friends in other countries, but it’s even difficult trying to semi-regularly see friends who are based within the UK. I was over in London last weekend and while I got to see a fair number of people, I didn’t get to spend as much time with individual people as I would have liked. There were a couple of ones I properly did get to hang out with, and I really really enjoyed that. I miss being able to lounge about in the same living room as some of those lovely people, and so any opportunity I can get to emulate it is much appreciated.

On a similar vein I had a uni friend over visiting for a weekend a fortnight ago. She’d been over before, so the emphasis wasn’t really on touristy things, and was more on enjoying what Belfast has to offer. And filling our stomachs until they perforated. This included a belated Chinese New Year party and around 300 dumplings (the remnants of which are gloriously still in my freezer.. I can’t wait). She was one of the first really good friends I made at uni so I relished the opportunity to catch up in what was embarrassingly the first time in about 18 months..

Speaking of positives, I continue to be obsessed with my nephew. The wee man is just over a year old now, and is bossing the entire family around. His excitable, cheery self is a real joy to be around, and with the blizzards in Ireland and a few other things he’s actually spent a good amount of time in Belfast recently, allowing me to hang out with him more than normal. The quest to becoming his favourite is in progress.

The other new baby in my life is something I’d been working towards for a while: a new car! By new I of course mean used, but it’s a 2015 Corsa with only 12,000 miles on the clock so I figured it wasn’t far off from being new. My original plan was to go find a nice boring sturdy car, but this souped-up Corsa with its whistles and bells changed my mind pretty instantaneously. Yes I’m aware it’s a Vauxhall and not a Ferrari, but it’s a significant improvement on my 15 year old Fiesta and I’m kind of in love. There is a bluetooth and a touchscreen and because it’s me there are colour-coded floor mats. With its JAO registration plate I’ve affectionately called him Chairman Jao.

Onwards and upwards through the gear box.



The Great Procrastinator

Last weekend was the tried-and-tested practice of saving as much money as you can for weeks and then blowing it all rapidly on a trip to London. I was there for a housewarming party for two of my friends (possibly the nicest house I’ve seen in London!) and used it as an opportunity to catch up with a few other people, and also to go to a lecture (I know, I’m wild) about the exam I have coming up on Friday.

I’ve also recently been to a gig- the first one in fricking months actually! It was Stornoway, an Oxford indie-folk band who specialise in sea shanties. I went with two other course-mates and had a bit of a boogie. The crowd were really interesting: there were quite a few young teenagers (around 14 years old) and then a range of adults from students through to people with grey hair. Which meant there was quite a discrepancy between how people were acting: some were sedate, others playfully heckling and others (myself obviously included) having a bit of a boogie. The band worked well with them all, and knew how to get people excited. It’s always good when there’s a bit of chat, and they had plenty of interesting instruments on stage, including a saw working its way through a plank of wood at one stage. As you do.

I’m really enjoying A&E at the minute too; as I’ve said it’s pretty much the ideal placement as you get to see patients on your own, get hands-on, and not only do you feel like you’re part of the team, doctors listen to you. Which is an unheard-of concept in a few placements. There have been a few times where I’ve picked something up or done something that was the right thing to do and okay, yes, if I wasn’t there things might move more quickly and it’s likely that a doctor would have ALSO picked the thing up anyway, but it makes me feel happy that I did it. I might not be making a difference, but I feel that I’m at least contributing, which is pretty awesome.

I’d like to write a bit about some of the stuff I’ve seen on here, but patient confidentiality and all that ties my hands, and I’ve got a general principle once I’ve left the hospital of not talking about medicine on the internet (and only carefully when in person). So you can imagine in your head what I get up to. Hint: think of me running around frantically looking windswept-and-interesting and saving critical patients without ever breaking a sweat.

Cause it’s nothing like that.

But all in all it’s a really positive experience, and I feel like I’m where I should be as a medical student at this stage. The knowledge is clicking into place, and it’s about being reflective and examining myself, keeping myself in check so that I keep developing along the right tracks and learn from any mistakes I make/things I do right. I’M SO DEEP YOU GUYS.




I’ve done those tests like a million times but I always seem to forget my result. So I’m writing it here to look back on if ever I want to. I’m always smack bang in the middle of I/E, and usually a slight preference of J but still sometimes get P. N is firm, F generally stable.

Excuse me while I go compare myself to analyses of Harry Potter characters