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Easter holiday has been nice so far. Enjoying the increased calorie intake that comes with being at home and not having to pay for my biscuit addiction. I’ve also been spending a fair amount of my time playing this:

Easter Sunday ended up being a bit of a boozey day- my sisters had some friends round in the evening, and with us drinking during the daytime, we racked up an embarrassing tally of 11 empty wine bottles. Never let it be said the Irish aren’t up for a good time.

My dad unfortunately missed all the fun- his passport got stolen when abroad, and because of bank holidays etc. he wasn’t able to get a replacement until Tuesday, so for the first time we celebrated a holiday without him! Which was a little strange, but as I told him we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed our day as much had he been around.

Weather’s been fantastic recently; went up to the North Coast at the start of the week and spent a fair few hours sitting in the back garden of a friend’s house- I even got a little sunburnt! Admittedly with my Jack Skellington-like complexion I get sunburn when I walk past lamps, but it’s still exciting that we’re headed towards summer

Sadly I need to get past the old hurdle of finals before then. As per usual there are the daily mood swings between sweet denial and depressed recognition of just how much I don’t actually know. At the minute I’m looking at the second option sadly, but I’m meeting my friend for some lunch shortly so hoping to swing back to the first.

Have good days!



No seriously, I’m in my twenties

I’ve just started back at uni, with my last ever week of lectures (gasp). Six years gents. Holiday was really brilliant: I had a fantastic time at home, relaxing on my behind and testing the limits of my stomach. Met up with Geektown a fair few times and got a good amount of family time in too- including a Murder Mystery night which I organised. The latter was a heck of a lot of fun, although ended up in some confusion, meaning no-one actually worked out who the murderer was!

The holiday started off with my sisters flying over to visit me, and the three of us heading off to HARRY POTTER LAND. And oh man was it good. Never let it be said that I wasn’t prepared: I showed up with my 13 3/4in cherry wand that Wigglytuff and The Wife got me a few years ago, my HP t-shirt from Threadless and the medical society hoodies I designed a few years ago which conveniently ended up in the Gryffindor colours. At only the Warner Bros Studios would it be socially acceptable for a bloke in his 20s to be walking around with a wand getting more excited than the 7 and 8 year olds around him. Rest assured I had a fricking amazing time.

Feel free to continue reading on, but be warned:

After queuing past The Cupboard Under The Stairs, a tour guide welcomed us and got us onto the excitement train before leading us into a room where the three main actors talked about all the people who helped make the entire universe of the book and films come alive so vividly, and how much effort went into doing it. Then the screen parted to make way for THE DOORS INTO THE GREAT HALL. Cue palpitations #1 of 278. The hall was the exact one used in the films, decorated with Christmas trees, cakes topped with snowmen and crackers with the individual crests of the four houses on them.

The level of detail in the hall just blew me away, a theme which continued throughout the tour. There were props from the Yule Ball, wands of all the major characters, a fully-stocked potions room, heck there was a bottle of skele-gro! The individual sets were there too: the crooked kitchen of the Weasleys, Umbridge’s shocking pink office, the Gryffindor common room (with portraits of past witches and wizards on the walls) and Dumbledore’s office- complete with the casket of memories, in which each bottle of the hundreds of memories had a handwritten label on it. The whole thing was just so brilliant, and my sisters and I spent the entire time with the biggest grins on our faces.

In the shop after the tour, you could buy all the different sweets mentioned in the books. But one of the things I was most looking forward to was butterbeer. Apparently to get the recipe they say J.K. Rowling down and just fed her glass after glass until it was just how she imagined it would be. And it was fricking great. On top of it sat a layer of foam which seemed to made entirely of sugar, in other words it was My Main Thing.

Personal favourites of mine included Luna Lovegood’s lion hat (obviously), jars of “U-No-Poo” (the constipation sensation that’s gripping the nation), a moving Buckbeak that looked like it was alive, and the shopfronts on Diagon Alley.

Towards the end of our walkabout, we turned a corner and came across a huge model of the castle of Hogwarts, all dusted in snow. Once again I was taken aback by the sheer amount of time and dedication that clearly went into its creation, with the staircases, bridges, windows and turrets. The lighting periodically changed in the room to show the castle at night, with windows being lit from the inside, really bringing the whole thing to life. It was just incredible.

If you’re at all a fan of the books or films: go.


No-one can save you from Christmas


In case you couldn’t tell from the capitals, I tend to get quite excited this time of year. Obviously the day itself is brilliant fun, but I really love the build-up. On November 13th, I was excited because on November 14th it would be one month until the Christmas dinner we’re having at my house, meaning that on the 14th it would be socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas songs.

And NOW it’s coming ever closer and I’m on day 12 of this baby


I love the messy and colourful decorations, the 10-CD Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs in all their variable glory, the mince pies that people keep handing out at events to make it festive, singing carols and remembering just how much of massive tunes some of them are, wearing my Santa hat while listening to my giant Christmas playlists and of course the FOOD.

This weekend my housemate and a few uni friends are all getting together for our third annual Christmas dinner. Christmas is very personal for everyone, and the fun thing about this dinner is that we try to combine things from everyone’s different traditions. Meaning we have things that I never really do- roast chestnuts, mulled wine, pigs in blankets- along with what to me are age-old traditions like the Who Am I game, charades and a glorious ham alongside the turkey.

This year there’s also an added piece of excitement- next weekend my sisters are coming over to visit me and WE’RE GOING TO HOGWARTS. The Warner Bros Studios opened the gates to harrypotterland a while ago, and I’ve been dying to go for ages. The timing is gonna work out perfectly, because London will be covered in Christmas decorations and SO WILL HOGWARTS. There’s gonna be snow and Christmas trees and Weasley jumpers and BUTTERBEER IN THE COLD. I’ll be wearing my Harry Potter t-shirt, bringing my wand and potentially drawing a scar on my face. Christmas + Harry Potter is a recipe for me being sprawled on the floor tripping out.

So as I sit here in my room with a Santa hat on listening to Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, it’s understandable that I’d have a smile on my face




I’ve done those tests like a million times but I always seem to forget my result. So I’m writing it here to look back on if ever I want to. I’m always smack bang in the middle of I/E, and usually a slight preference of J but still sometimes get P. N is firm, F generally stable.

Excuse me while I go compare myself to analyses of Harry Potter characters