There's a reason I'm not a poet

Been a while since my last post. Part of that is from slogging away! Just finished my first month in oncology- it’s all a bit heartbreaking at times but I think overall I’ll enjoy the job as the speciality attracts some really lovely people and every day is interesting. I’m enjoying getting to know the patients and some of the actual medicine is fascinating.

I’ve also been at the old graft in the form of an exam on Tuesday just past. MRCP Part 1, one of the stepping stones if you want to go down the route of General Medicine. It’s a tough exam, one that asks a lot of really detailed questions (at times needless/esoteric level of detail) so understandably it was a really crap exam. But sure it’s done! And now I can have a life again! Gonna get to planning China in the next couple of weeks.

On that note it’s my birthday next week (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) and we’re gonna go see Derren Brown! I’m also going out for lunch with the parental units and this Saturday we’re having some people round for a party. The main reason for the party is the glorious tradition that is Eurovision! Gonna dress up in traditional Lithuanian sequins and get plastered. It’ll be class.

Now bed though. Tomorrow is more work.



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