There's a reason I'm not a poet


Life’s going quite well in Norn Iron at the minute: job not too stressful, plans happening with my friends and I’ve even been getting a few random stat days off! Which is great, everybody loves a holiday.

Friday night was a great night in Belfast: the annual culture night! Like a hundred venues are open with over 200 events throughout the night, ranging from plays to collaborative drawings, gigs to a roller derby, and food and drink everywhere! My particular favourite was changing across a live reggae performance in a car park. Proud to say I danced like the whitest man alive, and bloody loved it.

Last night was a flat-warming party for one of my school friends and similarly was great craic! Cleverly sat down beside the food and stuffed my face until the people in charge of the music changed seats. At which point the Disney songs and early 2000s cheese came on.

Today was a slightly more mature achievement: I JOINED A GYM. Braving my ultimate nemesis: physical activity. Fingers crossed I manage to stick to my good intentions now that they’re taking money from my pocket. But chances are I’ll end up using it as an excuse to eat even more of all the pies.



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