There's a reason I'm not a poet

Una birra per favore

So I’ve just arrived back at university from the airport. Aaand I’m leaving for that same airport in three and a half hours. That’s some good planning there Michael.

Had a really nice holiday. Was a complete failure with regards to work but that’s life. Saw the new Spiderman film yesterday and it was great. Don’t worry no spoilers. I was looking forward to seeing what they would do with this film what with having a bit more creative freedom and they did a great job. Particular favourites were the mad scientist and unintelligible Rhino.

Anyway yeah I should probably go to bed or something. Not entirely convinced that 2 hours of sleep is better than nothing but part of me feels like I should try.

The destination tomorrow? Italia! This probably isn’t actually where we’re going but this is one of the pictures that google images showed me

I am excite.

My last blog was basically a travel blog, this one is basically a food blog. I’m looking forward to combining the two with stories of PIZZA GELATO LINGUINE LIMONCELLO & CALZONE. It’s gonna be fricking great.



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