There's a reason I'm not a poet



Easter holiday has been nice so far. Enjoying the increased calorie intake that comes with being at home and not having to pay for my biscuit addiction. I’ve also been spending a fair amount of my time playing this:

Easter Sunday ended up being a bit of a boozey day- my sisters had some friends round in the evening, and with us drinking during the daytime, we racked up an embarrassing tally of 11 empty wine bottles. Never let it be said the Irish aren’t up for a good time.

My dad unfortunately missed all the fun- his passport got stolen when abroad, and because of bank holidays etc. he wasn’t able to get a replacement until Tuesday, so for the first time we celebrated a holiday without him! Which was a little strange, but as I told him we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed our day as much had he been around.

Weather’s been fantastic recently; went up to the North Coast at the start of the week and spent a fair few hours sitting in the back garden of a friend’s house- I even got a little sunburnt! Admittedly with my Jack Skellington-like complexion I get sunburn when I walk past lamps, but it’s still exciting that we’re headed towards summer

Sadly I need to get past the old hurdle of finals before then. As per usual there are the daily mood swings between sweet denial and depressed recognition of just how much I don’t actually know. At the minute I’m looking at the second option sadly, but I’m meeting my friend for some lunch shortly so hoping to swing back to the first.

Have good days!



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