There's a reason I'm not a poet

Bucket list

After having gotten into the NI foundation school, we were presented with a list of jobs to rank, choosing which ones we’d prefer to do when we start work. I’ve submitted mine about a week or so ago, and we find out on Tuesday whether or not computer says no. It’ll be nice to finally know exactly what I’ll be doing in a few months time!

All in all I’m really looking forward to the whole Norn Iron business- a chance to see my family and home friends more often than I’ve been able to for the past six years, and to be in a place where people don’t struggle with my accent or make fun of me based on the strength of my feelings towards potatoes. However this week it’s dawned on me (I’m a sharp tool in the shed) that going somewhere else means I’ll really be leaving.

I won’t be walking around the same streets, going back to the same house, or seeing the same people that I’ve been used to for the past six years. I won’t be enjoying the comparatively-less-rain-filled climate, or the free attention/bonus points that you get purely for having my slightly incomprehensible accent. Most of all, I’ll be one heck of a lot further away from my friends.

So, I’m starting to think about how to actually say goodbye. Obviously I won’t be saying goodbye to the people (more of an auf wiedersehen), as I do actually intend to keep being friends with them after I feck off to another island, but there’s a few things I want to do here in this city before I go.

In true Michael style, pretty much every single one of them is food-related. Which means I’ve been able to meet up with a few friends recently to work through that bucket list! After trying what I think might have been the Turkish equivalent of a corn dog, last night a bunch of us went to a place that only does desserts. And it was fricking great. Waffles, crepes and sundaes galore. Yum.

Gonna have to find a few more excuses to tick off some of the other ones; my birthday’s in just over a month, I reckon that’ll do nicely! We’re coming closer to Easter though, and after that I’ll probably be in Robotic Work Mode, saying no to anything that remotely resembles fun. So once again, the clock’s ticking



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