There's a reason I'm not a poet

So hopefully you got my text with my new number, and so know I have a new phone! While Kevin and his Snake-playing-capabilities have certainly served me well, when Plato offered me his old iPhone once his contract ran out I kinda jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve always been a bit of a mixture between a techie and a Luddite: one minute I’m behind the TV playing with the leads and a big grin on my face, and the next I’m whacking the computer screen with the nearest oil lamp calling down the wroth of God onto iTunes. My odd relationship with technology is probably demonstrated quite well with my habit of naming my computerised things- I’ve gone through Roy, Dinky, Yoshimi, Kevin, Carl, Rambo, Rambo2 and now I’m welcoming Mycroft to the family.

Instead of working yesterday, I spent about two hours trying to get the thing unlocked and set up (the end of a six-week long journey) and then about five hours texting and snapchatting people, absolutely decimating my battery. I’m generally getting the hang of it, and hope to tread the middle ground between knowing how things actually work and not being the person who sits on their phone on the internet rather than interacting with the people in front of them.

But nowadays social norms have changed with these smart phones: what would have been seen as rude is now quite socially acceptable. I kind of got around the competing interests of texts and talking by developing the ability to text without looking, so I could maintain eye contact and have a conversation while sending anything I needed to say. Although with (a) a touch screen, (b) my apparently chubby thumbs and (c) apple autocorrect all stacked up against me, I don’t think this is really a possibility. So we’ll see how many people I offend by not replying to them, whether it’s in person or in virtual communication.

It’s wonderful how technology has advanced so much that there are more ways to not talk to people than ever before



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