There's a reason I'm not a poet

A new mask


I’ve started a new placement, and am trying to immerse myself in surgical knowledge- my plan is to learn as much as I can and be efficient so I can focus on learning/revising everything else for the exams in June. I’m generally quite calm about them, but every now and then you remember all there is still to cover and the all-too-familiar waves of sheer panic come over you. It’s been a fun six years.

Thankfully though the hospital I’m at isn’t too far away, and so I’m commuting with a colleague who lives round the corner from me. Part of that decision comes from the pretty grimey accommodation. Unfortunately it means very early starts (surgeons start their day sooner than most other humans) to get to the hospital in time, but I’m enjoying not having to live out of a suitcase as I’ve been doing all year.

It also means I can go to events here- a friend texted me yesterday to ask if I was interested in going to “superformal” at her college. It’s one of the famous ones, and they only have a few formals a term so it’s somewhat of a hot ticket, meaning I was glad to be able to jump at the opportunity. I wasn’t exactly sure what “superformal” meant but it seemed there was a theme of Venetian Carnivale, and so I got my big-nosed Venetian mask out (yes I have one) and slipped into my tux- complete with Batman cuff-links might I add

It was a really fantastic night actually- as ever I enjoyed the food, and the booze flowed freely. The hall was (like many colleges to be fair) really beautiful inside, and they’d hung a few things overhead to make it look a bit more glittery. Partway through the evening, there was the “entertainment” for the evening, with some of the university’s Dance Sport team getting up in the middle of everyone and giving a performance (slash showing us all that there apparently are moves other than the robot and macarena)

There was a live band after formal for people to crack out their less-than-perfectly-coordinated dance moves, and I felt a bit more at home rocking out there to Don’t Stop Me Now. The only bad thing about the evening was having to get up at half six the next morning…



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