There's a reason I'm not a poet

Rolling down the road

It’s all go at the minute. Tomorrow we find out where we’re going to be for the next two years, so understandably there are a few people whose nerves are a bit on edge.

Things are also wrapping up on placement- my last day is on Tuesday. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot over the past nine weeks or so, and am feeling a lot more confident for that first day introducing myself as one of the doctors. Of course though when it actually happens I will be wetting myself with fear. Next up is my surgery placement, which will be useful in that I know next to nothing about surgery, but if I’m honest I intend on spending a considerably smaller amount of time on the ward and a lot more time in the library. Hardcore as ever.

I’ve had another fat weekend (aw yeah) with pancakes, a birthday party at one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants and a trip to a new dumpling place that has just opened up (maaaaaaan they were tasty). The birthday party last night was great craic, as there was a good crowd of about thirty people and freely-flowing alcohol kindly paid for by the birthday girl’s mum. At one point Karate Kim and I decided to have a joint birthday party with LASER QUEST which inevitably turned into a competition to see who could get the most badass killer-instinct people to sign up to be on their team. May the odds be ever in my favour.

Another change is the arrival of my shiny new iPhone! I say new- I’ve got it off a friend of mine, Plato, who’s had it for two years before upgrading to something else. But seeing as I’m used to extremely basic Nokias, it’s a big step up. He’s called Mycroft, and is currently without a SIM card as I’m waiting for it to be unlocked. So I’m basically just sitting in libraries on Snapchat and competing against my sister on Harry Potter quizzes (which of course I’m winning). The big decision was what phone cover to get and one is on its way from China towards me now (I MEAN LOOK AT IT)

The last change is that today was the first day I’ve gone outside with only one layer on in months! I think we hit 17 degrees today, which is pretty great considering four days ago I was still wearing gloves and a scarf. WINTER IS FINALLY DEAD. And pretty soon this will be me.

Anyway I’d best go pack for placement, I’m heading off soon. Have nice weeks! Hopefully I will have good news soon



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