There's a reason I'm not a poet

Gong xi fa cai!

CNY 2k14

Time for a more sober post. Friday was Chinese New Year (or CNY as my cooler friends seem to call it), and we’re now in the year of the horse, which is the one I was born in. I’m not sure if this is meant to be good luck for me, but I’ve been trying to wear lots of red just in case.

On Thursday I tried to scarper up some enthusiasm for getting a “dirty Chinese takeaway” from the carry-out just round the corner from our hospital accommodation. My Chinese friends are all at home this weekend or else seeing family friends, and they’re all having huge feasts and making me incredibly jealous. So this was my attempt at getting into the spirit of things, in true white-boy fashion.

One of the girls who agreed to the plan had never actually had a Chinese takeaway before because, being Chinese herself, she had only ever eaten proper Chinese food (as opposed to the salt-and-MSG-filled stuff I’m used to from Norn Iron). She told me she tried to Google the place to find out what its food hygiene rating was., at which point I had to take her aside and tell her to seriously lower her standards.

I’m a bit of a sinophile (yes I did just look that up), and it’s one of my ambitions to go to China some day. My current plan is to take a year out after foundation training and see as much of the place as I can. I was considering going this summer, but I don’t think I’d really have enough time to do it properly in the end, so we’ll have to put a pin in it until 2016 methinks.

I think when I first mentioned my interest in all-things-Chinese my mum was a bit worried I’d find someone and end up settling down in Beijing, slowly getting fatter and earning the pet name of “dumpling”. To be honest I think that sounds ideal



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  1. Don’t you dare! Dumpling!

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