There's a reason I'm not a poet


In case you couldn’t tell from the capitals, I tend to get quite excited this time of year. Obviously the day itself is brilliant fun, but I really love the build-up. On November 13th, I was excited because on November 14th it would be one month until the Christmas dinner we’re having at my house, meaning that on the 14th it would be socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas songs.

And NOW it’s coming ever closer and I’m on day 12 of this baby


I love the messy and colourful decorations, the 10-CD Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs in all their variable glory, the mince pies that people keep handing out at events to make it festive, singing carols and remembering just how much of massive tunes some of them are, wearing my Santa hat while listening to my giant Christmas playlists and of course the FOOD.

This weekend my housemate and a few uni friends are all getting together for our third annual Christmas dinner. Christmas is very personal for everyone, and the fun thing about this dinner is that we try to combine things from everyone’s different traditions. Meaning we have things that I never really do- roast chestnuts, mulled wine, pigs in blankets- along with what to me are age-old traditions like the Who Am I game, charades and a glorious ham alongside the turkey.

This year there’s also an added piece of excitement- next weekend my sisters are coming over to visit me and WE’RE GOING TO HOGWARTS. The Warner Bros Studios opened the gates to harrypotterland a while ago, and I’ve been dying to go for ages. The timing is gonna work out perfectly, because London will be covered in Christmas decorations and SO WILL HOGWARTS. There’s gonna be snow and Christmas trees and Weasley jumpers and BUTTERBEER IN THE COLD. I’ll be wearing my Harry Potter t-shirt, bringing my wand and potentially drawing a scar on my face. Christmas + Harry Potter is a recipe for me being sprawled on the floor tripping out.

So as I sit here in my room with a Santa hat on listening to Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, it’s understandable that I’d have a smile on my face



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