There's a reason I'm not a poet


I had a pretty busy weekend being all sociable and stuff. First was the medics’ pantomime, which I took part in last year and the one before, but had never seen as an audience member. It was pretty hilarious actually, filled with a lot of medic jokes that I actually understood- clearly a sign of how knowledgeable I am these days. Funniest character was a guy based on Dr Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show: he came onto the stage and I nearly wet myself with laughter.

I also gave a presentation to some medics in the years below about my elective. Every year the final year students give a quick talk on their experiences, and each year I’ve gone and had a fantastic time hearing about the adventures. And suddenly it was my turn! Which meant only one thing: THAT MY ELECTIVE IS OVER AND I’M NEVER GOING BACK AND I HAVE TO JUST DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT IT’S FRICKING FREEZING OUTSIDE AND THAT THE SCENERY DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THIS ANYMORE

Elective 2 Safari Seychelles 382

I’m not bitter.

Talk went well though, even if it did make me very nostalgic. I also saw the new installation of The Hunger Games trilogy last night, and enjoyed it quite a lot. Good bit of action and explosions, Katniss is a great character and was acted very well. I’m all thumbs and pointing up.

Had my first day in A&E today which was pretty interesting. Nothing too dramatic today, but I reckon I’ll really enjoy the next four weeks: seeing patients, getting practical procedure experience and the perfect amount of responsibility and attention. Basically what any medical student wants to be doing, and while I made a fair few mistakes I did get some stuff right so I reckon it should be a really useful placement. And rounded off the shift with a great chat with the nicest old lady ever, always makes the day good!

In other news ONE MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I’ve been listening to Sufjan Stevens all day and my playlist for our Christmas dinner in a few weeks’ time currently has 46 different songs. Now that’s what I call Christmas music.


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